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Title: Development of Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Civil Structures and Highway Safety
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Authors: Chowdhry, B.S
Shardha, Kapil Kumar
Naeem, Umair
Rajput, Abdul Qadeer
Keywords: Engineering and Technology
Road safety
Wireless sensor networks
Road transportation
Intelligent sensors
Mathematical model
Intelligent networks
Intelligent structures
Intelligent transportation systems
Issue Date: 24-Nov-2017
Publisher: IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications
Abstract: We propose a unique model Wireless Sensor Networks for Intelligent Spaces (WIS), for Smart Civil Structures, which aims to cover utility of WSN in Intelligent Structures. WIS uses smoke detectors that monitor different parts of the building and communicate to track the spread of the fire. WIS utilizes stress and motion sensors, built into the civil structures, in order to monitor the health of such large structures. We present a novel model of Vehicular Sensor Network (VSN), known as Sensor-VISION (sVISION) which extends the idea of WSN in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Few basic MAC protocols for WSN like Low Duty-Cycle (LDC) protocols and Wake up concepts, Sparse Topology and Energy Management (STEM) and Sensor-MAC (SMAC) have been discussed and two of them have been simulated using MATLAB. Using Crossbow's Basic WSN kit, we have obtained real-time sensor values that can be extended utilizing application-specific sensors.
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