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Title: Deregulation of Electrical Power System Network as Utility in Developing Countries with Special Reference to Pakistan
Authors: Qureshi, S.A
Ilahi, A.M.
Keywords: Engineering and Technology
Power systems
Power generation
Electricity supply industry deregulation
National security
Issue Date: 11-Apr-2007
Publisher: IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering
Abstract: This paper picturesquely depicts the deregulated trend in the developed and developing countries as a comparison. All the three major sectors i.e. generation, transmission & distribution of electrical power are discussed but the focus is on the transmission system network. This is because of the reason that this sector has not been explored fully and no documented guidelines are available in this sector. A clear elaboration regarding the role of regulatory body is also narrated with its responsibilities. The major problems are also discussed of the developed and developing countries with special reference to deregulation and restructuring practices going in Pakistan and also indicating die bottle necks, hindrances coming on die way as not to implement the deregulation in its clear concept.
ISBN: 1-4244-0892-X
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