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Title: Biogenic synthesis of green and cost effective cobalt oxide nanoparticles using Geranium wallichianum leaves extract and evaluation of in vitro antioxidant, antimicrobial, cytotoxic and enzyme inhibition properties
Authors: Iqbal, Javed
Abbasi, Banzeer Ahsan
Batool, Riffat
Khalil, Ali Talha
Hameed, Safia
Kanwal, Sobia
Ikram Ullah
Mahmood, Tariq
Keywords: Natural Science
Biogenic synthesis
cost effective
cobalt oxide
Geranium wallichianum
Issue Date: 25-Oct-2019
Publisher: Institute of Physics
Abstract: In the present study, the CoONPs were simply synthesized using Geranium wallichianum leaves extract as both reducing and stabilizing agents, which were further studied for diverse biological applications (antibacterial, antifungal, enzyme inhibition, biocompatibility, anticancer and antileishmanial). The biogenic CoONPs were further studied using various microscopic and spectroscopic techniques; SEM, XRD, DLS, FT-IR, EDX, Raman spectroscopy. The antibacterial potential was determined against different bacterial strains. Bacillus subtilis (MIC: 21.875 μg ml−1) was found to be most susceptible strain to CoONPs. Bioinspired CoONPs has shown potential results against HepG2 cancer cells (IC50: 31.4 μg ml−1). Dose-dependent cytotoxicity assay was performed against Leishmanial amastigotes (IC50: 9.53 μg ml−1) and promastigotes (IC50: 3.12 μg ml−1). The cytotoxic potential was investigated against brine shrimps (IC50:18.12 μg ml−1). Further, CoONPs were found hemocompatible against human macrophages and erythrocytes (IC50: >200 μg ml−1). Moderate antioxidant activities: TAC (61.63%), DPPH (89.56%) and TRP (56.79%) are reported for CoONPs. In addition, alpha amylase and protein kinase inhibition assays were studied. Our results concluded that these CoONPs are non-toxic and biocompatible and can be used for different biomedical applications
ISSN: 6 115407
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