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Title: Comparative Study for Melt Flow Index of Different Microstructure Polyethylene
Authors: Khan, Raza Muhammad
Mushtaq, Asim
Israr, Amina
Nafees, Asra
Keywords: Engineering and Technology
Melt flow index
Extension Rate
Shear Stress
Shear Viscosity
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2019
Publisher: Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Abstract: This study focus on the rheological behavior of polyethylene.The effect of molecular weightfor three different types of polyethylene were study; high density polyethylene(HDPE),linear low density polyethylene(LLDPE) andlow density polyethylene(LDPE). To find the rheological behaviour of the polymer, melt flow indexer and capillary rheometer were used in this study. The shear stress and shear viscosity obtained from these three different polyethylene polymers were compared with the shear rate. It was observed that with the increase in shear rate, shear stress also increases. The behaviour of viscosity for HDPE, LLDPE and LDPE also discussed at the varying amount of shear rate. It was also found that viscosity of HDPE, LLDPE and LDPE decreases with increasing shear rate.The value of log shear stress of HDPE increases with an increase in log shear rate. The value of extension viscosity decreases from 8.295 to 1.606 KPa.s with a very high increase in extension rate of 23.5 s-1to 721 s-1. Molecular mass and its distribution have a significant effecton the rheological behavior of polymers.
ISSN: 2415-­0584
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