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Title: Modal Analysis of Micro-Electromechanical Systems
Authors: Aized, Dr. Tauseef
Azam, Sania
Moeen Uddin, Ghulam
Azam, Muhammad Ali
Keywords: Engineering and Technology
Resonance Frequencies
FRF Curves
Damping Ratio
Quality Factor
Micro Cantilever Arrays
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2019
Publisher: Pakistan Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Abstract: Dynamics of micro sensorhas been studied in this research to check the sensitivity of 2 models having a difference in their substrate material. The sensitivity can be seen by calculating the natural frequencies, FRF curves, damping ratios and Quality factors. These parameters were derived using ANSYS simulation for both models and then results were compared to check the most sensitive model.Effects of ambient pressures on dynamics of two different micro cantileversarrays were studied using ANSYS simulations. One array had substrate of N Type Silicon while other model was assigned Quartz as its substrate material, while the beams of both models had same material of polysilicon. Modal and Transient analyses were performed to obtain resonance frequencies and FRF curves of all beams. FRF curves were analyzed to obtain damping ratios and quality factors for each beam of both models. Comparison between resonance frequencies, dampingratios and Quality factors of two arrays were to see the effects of substrate material over sensitivity of array. One of the geometric parameters(Gap height) was also studied under ambient pressures to check the dependency of energy dissipation mechanismover gap height of micro beams form their substrate. Comparison of Natural Frequencies, FRF curves, damping ratios and Quality factor revealed that Quartz substrate model is good to be used in sensitive applications than N Type Silicon model
ISSN: 2415-­0584
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