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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02-28A Hybrid Approach Toward Research Paper Recommendation Using Centrality Measures and Author RankingWaheed, Waleed; Imran, Muhammad; Raza, Basit; Malik, Ahmad Kamran; Khattak, Hasan Ali
2013-01-01Structural, electronic, and optical properties of ZnO1−xSex alloys using first-principles calculationsRashid, Muhammad; Hussain, Fayyaz; Imran, Muhammad; Ahmad, S A; Noor, N A; Sohaib, M U; Alay-e-Abba, S M
2014-01-01Molecular dynamics simulation of mechanical characteristics of CuZr bulk metallic glasses using uni-axial tensile loading techniqueHussain, Fayyaz; Imran, Muhammad; Rashid, Muhammad; Hafeez Ullah; Shakoor, Abdul; Ahmad, Ejaz
2014-01-01Ab initio study of structural, electronic and optical properties of ternary CdO1−xSex alloys using special quasi-random structuresRashid, Muhammad; Hussain, Fayyaz; Imran, Muhammad; Ahmad, S. A.; Noor, N. A.
2017-10-03Ab initio study of ceria films for resistive switching memory applicationsFirdos, Mehreen; Hussain, Fayyaz; Imran, Muhammad; Ismail, Muhammad; Rana, A M; Javid, M Arshad
2012Molecular Markers of Susceptibility to Prion Diseases in Local Humans and Domesticated BovidsImran, Muhammad
2013Characterization of mango peel mangiferin to elucidate its nutraceutical potentialImran, Muhammad
2015Role of Viral and Host factors in Treatment Outcomes of Interferon based therapy in Chronic HCV Pakistani patientsImran, Muhammad
2013Biodegradation of azo dyes by bacterial cells and azoreductaseImran, Muhammad