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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-01-01Anisotropic Energy Loss of a Pair of Charged Projectiles in a Dusty PlasmaMurtaza, G; Nasim, M H
2000-01-01Efficiency of plasma focus for argon K-series line radiation emissionZakaullah, M; Alamgir, Khalid; Murtaza, G; Waheed, A
2002-01-01Elliptic Solitary Electron Drift Vortices in Semiconductor PiezoelectricsShah, H A; Hameed, M; Murtaza, G
1999-01-01Energy Loss of a Test Charge in Dusty Plasmas: Collective and Individual Particle ContributionsNasim, M H; Mirza, Arshad M; Murtaza, G; Shukla, P K
2001-01-01Improved temperature measurement in a plasma focus by means of a cobalt filterZakaullah, M; Alamgir, Khalid; Shafiq, M; Hassan, S M; Murtaza, G; Waheed, A
2007-01-01Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences logo Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences logo Glow Discharge Plasma Nitriding of AISI 304 Stainless SteelQayyum, A; Naveed, M A; Zeb, S; Murtaza, G; Zakaullah, M
1998-01-01Physica Scripta Correlation Study of Ion, Electron and X-ray Emission from Argon Focus PlasmaZakaullah, M; Ahmad, Imtiaz; M Shafique, M; Murtaza, G; Yasin, M; Beg, M M
201-01-25R- and L-waves in electron–positron spin quantum plasmasShahid, M; Iqbal, Z; Hussain, A; Murtaza, G
2000-01-01Study of Plasma Parameters in a Spinning Thick-Gas-Puff Staged PinchKhattak, N A D; Ahmad, Zahoor; Mirza, Arshad M; Murtaza, G
2001-01-01Wake-field excitations in a multi-component dusty plasmaNasim, M H; Mirza, Arshad M; Murtaza, G