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Authors: Muhammad Sajjad Nazir
TanwirAhmad Malik
Amir Shakeel
Jam Nazeer Ahmad
Keywords: Agriculture Science
cotton mutant
pest resistance
leaf traits
genetic variation
gene action
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan
Abstract: Okra leaf cotton has great potential to confer resistance to insect pests; however, very few okra leaf cotton cultivars have been developed in the world. Generally, cotton breeders have perception that okra leaf trait has linkage with relatively inferior agronomic traits thus avoid introducing okra leaf trait in cotton cultivars containing broad leaves. The present research wasconducted to find the genetics of okra leaf trait, its correlation with agronomic traits as well as genetics of agronomic traits in okra leaf genetic background. The genetics of okra leaf and agronomic traits were studied by using six generations (P1, P2, BC1, BC2, F1, F2) developed by crosses involving okra leaf and normal leaf genotypes/cultivars. The okra leaf trait showed monogenic control with partial dominance of normal leaf shape. The results of generation meananalysis mainly revealed additive, dominance and additive×additive gene action for the traits.Number of sympodial branches, number of monopodial branches, number of bolls per plant, boll weight, number of seeds per boll, 100 seed weight, ginning out-turn, fiber length, fiber strength and seed cotton yield had additive, dominance and additive×additive gene action while plant height and fiber fineness had additive, dominance, additive×additive as well as additive×dominance gene action.Generally higher order interactions were not found in the genetics of agronomic trait in okra leaf genetic background.Correlation results revealed that okra leaf had not negative correlation with agronomic traits. Present study recommends tailoring of okra leaf cotton cultivars for a good control of insect pests
ISSN: 2076-0906
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