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Title: Investigation of Linear Tetra-Atomic Negative Ion by Photodetached-Electron Spectra
Authors: Rahman, A.
Ahmad, Iftikhar
Afaq, A.
Haneef, M.
Zhao, H. J.
Keywords: Natural Science
Negative Ion
Photodetached-Electron Spectra
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2011
Publisher: Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd
Abstract: Photodetachment spectra from a linear tetra-atomic negative ion is investigated by treating the detached-electron wave function quantum mechanically. A plane polarized laser light, perpendicular to the axis of the ion, is used to detach the electron from the ion. Analytical expressions for the electron flux and total photodetachment cross section are derived. The electron flux on screen shows strong-energy-dependent oscillations with different frequencies. The total cross section of the tetra-atomic negative ion reduces the cross section of mono-atomic, diatomic and triatomic negative ions for high energy photons, while for low energy photons it becomes four times the cross section of mono-atomic negative ions.
ISSN: 28 083301
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