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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-01Efficient and Autonomous Energy Management Techniques for the Future Smart HomesBasit, Abdul; Sardar Sidhu, Guftaar Ahmad; Mahmood, Anzar; Gao, Feifei
2018-08-23Genetic algorithm-based non-linear auto-regressive with exogenous inputs neural network short-term and medium-term uncertainty modelling and prediction for electrical load and wind speedJawad, Muhammad; Ali, Sahibzada M.; Khan, Bilal; Mehmood, Chaudry A.; Farid, Umar; Zahid Ullah; Usman, Saeeda; Fayyaz, Ahmad; Jadoon, Jabran; Tareen, Nauman; Basit, Abdul; Rustam, Muhammad A.; Sami, Irfan
2017-01-14Numerical simulation of naturally air cooled electronic equipments casingRiaz, Ali; Ibrahim, Adnan; Basit, Abdul; Shah, Ajmal; Basit, M. Abdul
2019-01-08Experimental Study of Laminar Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Slender Circular Cylinder in Air Quiescent MediumRiaz, Ali; Shah, Ajmal; Basit, Abdul; Iqbal, Mazhar
2016-10-18Tailoring the surface of perovskite oxide for enhanced oxygen exchange kineticsSaher, Saim; Shafi ur Rehman; Basit, Abdul; Noman, Muhammad; Zaib, Muhammad Alam; Samreen, Ayesha; Ali, Shahid; Qamar, Affaq
2018-01-01Effect of Brick Dust on Strength and Workability of ConcreteKhan, Muhammad Nasir Ayaz; Liaqat, Nabeel; Ahmed, Ibrar; Basit, Abdul; Umar, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Aftab
2006-01-01Dispersion of radionuclides released into a stable planetary boundary layer using a Monte Carlo modelBasit, Abdul; Raza, S Shoaib; Irfan, Naseem
2018-01-01Effect of brick dust and lime powder on the performance of plain cementconcreteBasit, Abdul; Khan, M Aftab; Ahmed, Ibrar; Khan, M Nasir Ayaz; Umar, M
2016Hybrid Cognitive Phased and Frequency Diverse Array RadarBasit, Abdul